Welcome to Coromandel Nutrition, a place to find support with eating well for you.

I can help you with feeling relaxed around food whether you have a history of gut issues, have constant stress around food choices or are just curious about nutrition and would like a food tune up.

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Coromandel Nutrition is a business for you to find support with nutrition. I aim to help you feel comfortable and relaxed around food and choose foods to promote health for your body and mind. I use a compassionate approach to habit change, exploring your behaviours around food and working with you to change these to better align with your values. I specialise in gut health and intuitive eating. I cover the whole of the Coromandel Peninsula and I am also available to phone or skype sessions.


Part of my vision for my business is for it to contribute positively to our local community and land and this is why I have chosen to donate part of my income from walking consults to The Moehau Environment Group. They do incredible work in the protecting the Northern Coromandel and aim to restore the natural environment to its former glory. Please see what they are up to here.

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